Online Reputation Management

What is Online Reputation Management and why is it important?

Using ORM services, translates to us managing the online reputation of your brand or business by checking and rectifying negative perceptions of your brand through Search engine results pages and the various social networking platforms. Efforts are made not only to repair the negative but also create and maintain positive perceptions of your brand. Maintaining a certain reputation is an on-going process, this means that we constantly monitor any activity related to your brand within online platforms, create improvements and build healthy relationships with your client base in order to receive positive feedback on the internet.
In the digitally charged era we live in, we place a large amount of trust on the information we find online. Owing to this, it is important that the information about your brand that is made visible to your customers is positive. The job of a good ORM company like ours is to ensure this by promoting any positive remarks and concealing any negative remarks about you and your business on the web.

Why should you hire Social Stardom?

We at Social Stardom understand the importance of creating and maintaining a certain brand image. The reputation that a brand carries directly influences customer perception and therefore, productivity of your business. Keeping this in mind we provide you with a range of services under ORM -

  • A personalized strategy that fits your brand like a glove will be created to manage your brand reputation
  • Our team of experienced and qualified professionals are aware of the right way to respond adeptly to your customers online, hence reducing negative perception and attitude towards your brand
  • We ensure increase in activity on social media platforms in order to provide you with correct feedback that your business requires to take it to a new horizon. Social media also helps boost website traffic and gain new customers
  • Increasing online visibility to increase lead generation
  • Our team of content creators build the right kind of content keeping in mind the keywords appropriate for your business to enhance visibility on SERPs (Search engine results pages)
  • We support your personal reputation by facilitating PR campaigns and content creation
  • Constantly monitoring your social media pages or channels in order to rectify any negatives before they reflect on your brands SERPs

Reputation management program includes protecting and repairing online reputation and managing & responding to all negative reviews.


Reputation Protection

Brand and reputation protection strategies Litigation involving defamation, privacy, reporting restrictions Resolving any and all aspects of media law Obtaining, defending and discharging emergency injunctions Preventing and challenging publication of damaging stories or private information, in the media online or in a commercial context

Reputation Repair

Build an online community of brand evangelists Address customer complaints proactively Recover from identity theft Get removed from people search sites Remove malicious content Quell a mistake that went viral

For establishing transparent and trusted relationships with our clients, we provide them with monthly SEO reports on their campaign’s performance. The progress on the visibility of websites, analytics, conversions, and returns are eloquently explained in the monthly report.

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